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Vive Ubu Démocrate de Marché !

« Pourquoi était-il toujours plus ou moins, ici ? Un miroir lui aurait fait plaisir, pour s'y poser cette question. Mais il n'y avait pas de miroir. Rien que la pierre. » (Lowry)


« Le secret des choses, c'est qu'il n'y a pas de secret. Le message de fond n'est qu'un bruit, et nul ne me fait signe, et il n'y a pas de signal. [...] Qu'il n'y ait rien à lire, au bout de toute lecture, qui le supportera ? » (Serres)


« The snow on your eyelids that curtsy with age
Is freezing the stares on tyranny's wings.
The bitter is hard and the warmth of your skin
Is diseased with familiar caresses.

Withdrawing from splendor and royal decay
Among all the triumphs and jaded awards
The angry and blazing circus of sun
Blasphemes as the crown prince arises.

You cannot beget all the sins that you owe
To the people of paradise magic
Pretend to answer passion and form
With foreign rationalizations.

Primroses are the jewels that lurk
Among masks of pleasure that flicker with doubt
Embraces of fame that's simultaneously fear
To advance and demand to be recognized.

The river shall flow through hollow green faces
Of caricature's resentment etched out of the tongues.
Both reluctant princess asleep before birth
The classical sensitive failures.

The worshipping wicked cling to the dark of your heart
Lying there and wait with your angels
Moan and ravish from dawn to dusk
The avaricious young lovers. »

(Nico, Winter song)




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